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Most Essential Lessons Taught By A Certified Driving Instructor

When starting a new journey like learning how to drive, looking ahead in the prospection of what to learn that is to gain an understanding of the driving lessons in Kelmscott can provide a significant advantage. Many individuals, even families, are under the impression that driving is quite straightforward to learn for the average individual. This is hardly the case, for driving has become quite complex in the last few decades. Cars have become safer to use and various traffic safety regulations have been introduced over the years. Falling back on the experience and rudimentary knowledge of peers and family about driving would leave a person's training incomplete.


It is crucial to acquire guidance from an expert driving instructor. Initially, the instructor would teach the student along the lines of a few specific types of driving lessons which shall be discussed in this blog.


Types of Lessons Taught

Enrolling in the best local driving centre is not the only option, one can also choose to hire a certified private driving instructor to make the best of flexible driving lessons. Although there are different ways for a person to learn to drive nowadays, the types of lessons taught stay more or less the same.


They include the following:


Technical Driving 

This is perhaps the part of driving lessons that people are primarily concerned with. It involves all those lessons related to maneuvering the vehicle and navigating the controls efficiently. 

  • Basic Controls:

  • Starting and Stopping:

  • Reversing and Parking: 

  • Navigating Roundabouts: 

  • Changing Gears: 


Road Safety 

This is a part of driver's ed where the candidate is taught how to safely navigate the roads. There are various rules and regulation involved which needs to be adhered to. They vary from state to state hence it is crucial to be aware of them.

Some common safety requirements:

  • Learning Road Markings and Signals: 

  • Checking Mirrors: 

  • Understanding Speed: 

  • Adapting Defensive Driving: 

  • Learning Advanced Driving: 


Traffic Centered Laws

It is the responsibility of the driving centre or instructor to ensure their students have been updated with the latest code related to driving on the road. The traffic rules tend to vary in different states of Australia.


A few crucial laws that must be observed include


· Driver's License: Driving in Australia without a valid driving license is illegal and entails severest penalties.  


· Seatbelts: Every individual in the vehicle should be restrained by a seatbelt for their safety. Driving without the seatbelt on is dangerous and is deemed illegal. If there is an infant in the car, they need to be put in a baby carrier which is strapped into the car. 


·Driving Under the Influence: Any individual caught abusing substances or with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that is more than 0.05 would be levied hefty penalties. 


· Not using mobile: Driving while using the phone is considered risky and negligent driving, and is often charged a fine.


· Speeding: There are certain roads and highways with specific speed limits. Breaking the speeding limit is considered a criminal offence.


Car Components 


Drivers must have a basic understanding of the components involved in their cars. It can be highly beneficial for them in various ways, for instance understanding what could potentially be wrong with the car during a malfunction or a breakdown. However, there are also separate driving lessons provided on the matter.

Some of the crucial components of the car include the following: 

  • Engine 

  • Battery

  • Alternator 

  • Brakes

  • Radiator 

  • Transmission 

  • Shock Absorbers 



With the help of the right training centre or a certified driving instructor in Victoria Park, it is possible to become a skilled driver in a very short period. However, it is important to remember not to rush through the driving lessons. Each type of lesson mentioned in this blog is important for building the foundation of effective driving skills.


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